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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Lien, Jun 6, 2012.

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    ...Is that sometimes i REALLY hate the gaming community whne the topic of sexism is involved.

    Allow me to explain. So i am subscribed to the feminist frequency, a feminist blogger who talks about certain sexist subject happening in the media like in movies, books and even commercials (when's the last time you saw a lego toy targeted for boys AND girls?) She made a series of videos explaining some tropes concerning woman in the media that was popularized by that website TVtropes (like the woman in refrigerator or the straw feminist). It got very well received and was even featured on some university classes (that's how i found out about her in woman and film history classes) Two years has past and now she wants to do a new series of tropes but this time concentrating on video game.
    So she started a kickstarter to set it off at this link:
    She made26 thousand dollars and it's all set ready to go! But this topic is NOT about her OR her kickstarter. I mean hey! People donated to her project and she is working on it and good for her and them. Doesn't concerned us till she makes the videos...

    It's the comments under the youtube video of her kickstarter (and the fact it already got 2000 dislike even though it's been posted barely yesterday) that makes me cry for the video game community. Comments like this:
    Or this
    The list goes on and lots of comments that tries to defend the youtuber gets buried under an armada of hate comments directed to each other.

    So... be right back, gonna go hang myself...

    Your thoughts GR?

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