I wish Gran Turismo would play like that...

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by Caped_Crusader, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Imagine the exact gameplay combined with Gran Turismo's cars and graphics. Is it really too much to ask?
    I mean, pay attention what's going on in this video. Yes, I know - graphics aren't as shiny and flashy as in GT but look a little bit deeper. There's a ferocious battle going on for the 19th place. Look at the speed, AI behaviour, car sliding in corners, steering wheel turning slowly and realistically, in-car camera movement matching all the bumps on the road.

    The game is called "Race 07" and it's made by relatively unknown Swedish developer Simbin. Unknown to console owners because they are mostly famous developing PC racing simulators like GTR and GT Legends.
    So why is that a huge company like Polyphony Digital can't make their racing experience nearly as exciting like that? What's the point in having 700+ fancy vehicles when the racing part of the game is boring as hell? There's a famous experiment to test out AI: if you place your car in the middle of the road, all the other cars will crash into it because the AI system in GT series flat-out sucks. But in "Race 07", other drivers will slow down and drive nicely around your car just like in real life.

    Polyphony should hire the whole Simbin's and then, finally create an ultimate driving game.

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