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Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by used44, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Anybody score any games this Black Friday?

    I Intended mostly on shopping online, but couldn't find much I wanted. I did get a copy if Halo Reach at WalMart for $35.

    Then on Cyber Monday, Amazon (who had lame Black Friday deals) had some awesome deals. I nabbed Medal of Honor (360) and Dead Rising 2 (360) for $30 each. The DR2 deal was especially nice because I hadn't seen it anywhere for less than $55-60. Today Amazon has a great Wii bundle deal, but I don't really need/want a Wii, though I kinda totally want/need a Wii. Doubt I'll get it.

    Anyone do any quality shopping for themselves or others?
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    The only deals I went for at Amazon were Dragon Quest IX for $20 yesterday and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for $40 on Friday.

    The Steam deals were a different story. I picked up Borderlands for $10, Dirt 2 for $5, CoD 4 for $15, and I got every single indie pack they offered for $5 a piece - which equals $1 per game for awesome games like Beat Hazard, VVVVVV, and Recettear.

    Thought about getting DR2, Ace Attorney Investigations, and a few other games I can't think of right now, but I decided I had spent enough money this weekend on game deals.

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