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    Wallace & Gromit Project Zoo

    Can anyone help. In the mines. I am on the platform on the crane and am trying to reach the rotating machine, but the break in th railings is to the left and I cannot seem to jump that far.


    Sorry if I am in the wrong forum
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    From GameFAQs:

    8.2 World 2: Coal Mine

    8.2.1 Area 1
    HINT: Enable power to the turntables.
    Wallace does this for you in the first cutscene.

    HINT: Find a way through to the station.
    [TOOL: Jump right off the first turntable.] Jump to the spinning
    turntable and the jump to the track on the far side of it. Follow
    the second track to the left avoiding the carts until you reach an
    open flame. Light your torch and use it to light the fuse on the
    opposite side of the track. Jump up and Wallace will fix a 30 nut
    switch. Jump onto the trap door and again to the ledge on the other
    side. [TOOL: Pick up to the ledge after the first trap door.] Drop
    down through the three trap doors and follow the path to the tunnel
    entrance. Jump down to the left twice to where there is a flame.
    Light your torch, ride the moving platform, and jump back up to the
    tunnel entrance. Go into the tunnel, light the fuse and get out of
    there. After the blast go back into the tunnel and into the
    station area. Defeat the penguins in the station. Shoot the three
    targets to get the carts moving.

    HINT: Rescue the beaver baby over the abyss.
    Jump on a cart and ride it, jumping over the "Max Headroom" signs as
    necessary. At the end of the line, head to the left going past the
    drill as it retracts. Ride up the coal lift, jumping to the track
    at the top. Shoot the target on the turntable to turn the track 90
    degrees. Cross the platform and follow the track until you reach a
    cart. Wallace will fix a 30 nut switch to get the two turntable
    turning. Jump across the two turntables to the bridge and fight off
    the flying penguins. Jump to the ledge to the left of the track and
    break through the 12 boxes into the room below. [TOOL: Pick up in the
    room with the 12 breakable blocks.] Shoot the three targets to flip a
    track switch and hop on a cart. Jump off the cart before the "Max
    Headroom" signs and swing across the gap to the left on the
    vine. Jump on another cart and jump off it on the rope holding up
    the cage. Your momentum with take the cage to safety. Jump down in
    front of the cage and open it to rescue the baby.

    HINT: Gain access to the mine shaft.

    Light your torch on the flamethrowing penguins flame and light the
    fuse. After the explosion get Wallace to fix the 3 tool switch to
    open the way to the next area. [TOOL: Go across the bridge from the
    exit and head left a little bit.]

    8.2.2 Area 2
    The hints do not need to be take care of in the order they appear on
    the status screen, in fact the first time through its impossible to
    fix the generator to open the blast doors before the building the
    porridge gun so I've moved it to the point where it is necessary.

    A glitch in the game make it possible to finish the level without
    rescuing the third baby, but if you do that you'd be no better than

    HINT: Fix the ground floor generator to start the lift.

    [TOOL: Jump up into an alcove to the right of the entrance. ]
    [TOOL: Head right from the entrance across 2 trapdoors and ride a
    moving platform to the central machine. Jump up the machine, avoiding
    the acid blasts.] Swim over to where Wallace is and go through gate 5.
    Defeat the penguins and the spikeballs. Continue to the generator
    and have Wallace fix the 40 nut switch to power up the lift.

    HINT: Rescue the baby dangling from the crane.
    Once you have 6 tools have Wallace fix the 6 tool switch in the
    starting area to swing the cage to safety. Open the cage to rescue
    the beaver baby.

    HINT: Rescue the baby over the acid bath.
    [TOOL: Take the lift up to level 2 and jump on the metal boxes by the
    mining machine] Take the lift to level 3 and defeat the flying
    penguins. Jump from a trapdoor to a rope to a trapdoor to a ledge.
    Follow the ledge to the crane and get on its arm. Jump from the arm
    to the rotating machine and jump your way to the top. Go along the
    walkway to the red switch and activate it, which lowers the walkway
    to the green switch. Repeat for the green switch to lower a walkway
    to blue switch. Repeat again with the blue switch and the top part
    of the machine will stall and a ladder will fall. Climb the ladder
    and slide down the rope. Push the block to the far end of the slot
    its in and flip the switch underneath to release the cage. Open the
    cage to free the baby. [TOOL: Pick up by the third baby's acid vat.]
    You can rope slide from here to the central machine and jump down to
    the starting area.

    HINT: Build the porridge gun.
    After you have 7 tools Wallace will make your third weapon the
    porridge gun at the 7 tools cart in the starting area.

    HINT: Gum up the sparking machine.
    Rapid fire the porridge gun into the gears on the machine with the
    "Danger Sparks" sign in the starting area until a pipe falls.
    [TOOL: : Pick up on the "Danger Sparks" machine.]
    [TOOL: Pick up on the ledge above the "Danger Sparks machine.]

    HINT: Fix first floor generator to open blast doors.

    After you've found at least 9 tools, take the lift to floor 2 and
    head to the right (when facing the elevator) to the 9 tools
    generator. Call Wallace to fix it.

    HINT: Raise Wallace to landing area.
    After fixing the generator climb down to the lift beside it. With
    Wallace standing on the lift use the porridge gun to spin the gears
    that are up and to the left of the lift to raise Wallace to the
    exit area.

    HINT: Build Gyrocopter.
    Go back to the "Danger Sparks" machine and climb up the pipe.
    Jump onto the machine and then the ledge above it. Follow the
    track through a tunnel to a closed gate and head left to exit.
    Wallace will use 9 tools to fix the Gyrocopter and start the
    boss sequence.

    8.2.3 Boss 2: Gyrocopter chase
    This is more an obstacle course that a boss. Navigate the
    the gyrocopter through a narrow passage trying to avoid the walls.
    The attack button will fire porridge and any enemies that might be
    in your way. Try to pick up turbo on the way, the jump button fire
    the turbo for a burst of speed. You'll need to use the turbo at
    the end to get through the blast doors just after some jets of fire
    before they close. This can be frustrating but you should get
    through after a few attempts.

    Here's the link incase you need it ... gromit.txt
    Hope that helps.

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