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    there has been much talk of gr being a shell of its former self. fewer active posters, less interesting topics, duke gone, and so on as has been covered over in frozenbacons thread.

    well, gr is what we make it. smaller community or no, we ARE gr. so i say we liven the place up a bit. ive started by injecting some fresh topics in a couple of stagnating boards. i say look though all the topics in the all the boards, find something that hasnt been discussed recently or something new altogether and make a thread. just generate some discussion.

    ask not what game revolution can do for you, but what you can do for game revolution.


    now so that this thread has more meaning than my attempt at a battle cry, here are some facts about defibrillators:

    the defibrillator was first used to save a human life in 1947

    they used to just plug them in to a wall socket, step up the current and hit you with it.

    you can implant them now!

    theres also defib 'kiosks' in some public areas where anybody can read simple instructions and save the nearest periled life. go science go.
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    We have one at work. haven't tried it yet. Car battery and jump leads work much the same.

    Also, it's no longer a revolution, it's regular.


    Welcome to the future.
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    The future is now....

    and we can do what we must to fight it off.....


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