Aqua teen death of my heart.

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    If you haven't heard Aqua Teen Hunger Force has finally been canceled. It just kills my heart to see something I have loved since I was a child die. I used to stay up waaay too late just to watch it. Almost as bad as seeing a MMO die but the strange thing is ATHF was very financially profitable and took a very small amount of money to create. It was also the longest running show on Adult Swim and had good ratings.(and a cult following) No one really knows why it is canceled either with some so cynical after all the jokes that they think it is just a practical joke and it will be back next year.


    There is a hidden episode on Adult Swims website called "The greatest story ever told"

    So long and farewell. You were my favorite TV show. :cry:
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    Suuuuuper hit and miss but provided many jokes and quotes that my friends and I still reference to this day. Mostly from the first three or four seasons, I guess. Haven't seen a new episode in years.

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