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Discussion in 'Heart of the Revolution' started by MstrHero, Apr 30, 2018.

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    It was March 3, 2017 the Switch had just launched along with Breath of the Wild, but I was unable to get a Switch. I did have a Wii U though, so I got Breath of the Wild on it. The second I got home I put the disk in my Wii U. As soon as I started I was blown away by the the massive open world, the secrets hidden around every corner and the beautiful art style. Before Breath of the Wild I was not the biggest gamer even though, but after playing it I became obsessed with video games. This game lasted me over 100 hours because I had such an amazing time exploring and finding everything the game had to offer. Overall, Breath of the Wild changed me as a gamer and because of this it is my favorite game ofall time.
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    As mentioned in the 'Heart of the Revolution Explained' post, all submissions must be 400+ words!

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