Ark: Survival evolved price increase?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Josh_Orona, Jul 8, 2017.

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    So recently the news was announced that after two years of early access "Ark: Survival Evolved" would be seeing an official release August 8th of this year. As news continues to steadily emerge about the games coming features and newest dinos, one shred of information released that left many gamers in a bit of confusion. The price upon release will now be $60 up from it's early access and widely anticipated price tag of $29.99. In a recent tweet gave their reasoning behind the change.

    What is the Communities thoughts on the recent change, and does it now alter your decision to purchase?
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  2. Jonathan_Leack

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    Figures. At least they made an official announcement. The game has clearly been way more popular than they anticipated.
  3. Madster

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    Jun 2, 2017
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    Played it for a few hours.

    It's a boring, shit game with the worlds most toxic community playing on hilariously bad servers, and it's worth $5.
  4. FrozenBacon

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    ARK is a great game if you start out on a new server. The shit thing about these survival games is that the top players absolutely dominate and hoard all the resources for their own. This is fine if you are one of the top players, and can take part of the complex high level PvP, but if you are new you are not going to have a good time because you are going to die every 10 minutes. This problem is even more apparent in ARK when you are forced to start naked with nothing, to an invincible god that uses guns and alien technology. Dying is nothing to a high level player because they could just get one of their trained dinos to harvest materials needed in minutes. I haven't played the game for like 2 years, though. Maybe they fixed all the problems and the game is all sunshine and happiness now. I doubt it, though. The multiplayer survival game genre is just a concept that was doomed from the start. Especially survival games that only have a single map that can be easily learned.

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